Building & Refurbishment

Basildon Borough Council Brook House Replacement of Kitchens and Associated Works Projects.

Basildon Borough Council
Contract period: 78 weeks
Contract value: £605k
Contract type: Building & Refurbishment

Smith & O'Sullivan successfully completed the Brooke House replacement of bathroom, kitchens and associated works project within budget and on programme for the client Basildon Borough Council, in conjunction with the project managers Scott Wilson Ltd.

The project involved works to a combination of approx. 84 occupied one and two bedroom flats located in one single high rise block, and entailed the complete renewal of bathrooms and kitchens including M & E, and associated waste and water services.

Brooke House was erected in the 1960's and was part of the now defunct Commission for New Town property stock and was regarded as a flagship development located in the heart of the main town square / shopping centre. It is now a Grade 11 listed building because of its unique design features.

The associated works involved the problem of waste and water not flowing away due to the build up of debris to the internal bore of the six waste pipes that run vertically the length of the building down through the elevated legs of the building (on which the properties sit) into waste sewers below the basement/car park of the building. This caused backflow into the homes of the customers causing damage to property, and raising hygiene and health issues.

The company in conjunction with the client and the project managers invited the customer's to attend pre-project meetings to discuss the works and to be shown the kitchen and bathroom designs available for them to choose from. Further meetings were held on a regular basis throughout the duration of the project with all parties attending.

It was the general consensus of all parties that ideally the dwellings (high rise block with limited means of access) should be vacated, but this was not economically viable resulting in the works being carried out to the customer's homes whilst occupied.

The health and safety plan (incorporating risk assessments), method statement and liaising with resident, took on even greater significance because of this.

The project was widely received as a resounding success and completed with the minimum disruption to the customers. The associated works to waste and water services rectified what had been an ongoing problem, and this was reflected in the KPI's (key performance indicators).

Basildon-Brook-work1.jpg     Basildon-Brook-work2.jpg

Basildon-Brook-bathroom_2after.jpg     Basildon-Brook-kitchenafter.jpg

                                               Bathroom After                                                                Kitchen After