Building & Refurbishment

Basildon Borough Council MRA Kitchen Improvement Projects Phases 2 & 3.

Basildon Borough Council
Contract period: 26 weeks
Contract value: Approx. £675k
Contract type: Building & Refurbishment

Smith & O'Sullivan successfully completed the MRA Kitchen Improvement Projects Phases 2 & 3 within budget and on programme for the client Basildon Borough Council.

The project involved works to approx. 225 occupied homes borough wide, and entailed the complete refurbishment of kitchens including M & E works.

The property types involved in this project were extremely diverse in design and age including; traditional housing, bungalows, low rise flats and maisonettes. Having been constructed from the mid 1950's through and up till the early 1990's. This posed a number questions in relation to designing and programming, but with forward planning between the client and the company, and the project being designed using the 6 main partnering objectives:

Working together as a team to establish open communication
Managing the supply chain to achieve a better service delivery
Improving the customers satisfaction
Demonstration of best value
Monitoring the use of KPI's (Key Performance Indicators)
Ensuring a fair allocation of risk
This project formed part of Basildon District Council's bid to achieve a 2 star rating from central government auditors which if successful would secure additional funding necessary to finance 'decent homes' standards for their current property portfolio.

As part of the auditors far reaching brief (this involved auditing a selection of services and functions which Basildon Council provide) to ascertain a rating for performance the auditors requested to:

Attend without prior notice when Smith & O'Sullivan were consulting with the customers in their homes whilst designing the kitchen plan with the customers
Visit works which were in progress without prior notice
Visit a random selection of completed kitchens, speaking with the customers and comparing their opinions on the works carried out to their homes with the KPI monitoring which was in place

The feedback from Basildon Borough Council was extremely positive and the client informed the company that the success of the project was a factor in them attaining a 2 star rating from the auditors.

To view pdf link relating to Basildon Borough Council's original and successful bid for a 2 stars 'good' rating please click HERE